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Bill and Melinda went to bed that night with a laptop. They were about to engage in their new favorite activity; performing oral sex on each other while watching live webcam porn. They had an account, so they sometimes liked to chat with the performers and often tipped generously.

Melinda had the pleasure of going first. With her head propped back against the pillow, she laid the laptop on her stomach and watched a live webcam performance of a couple from France engaging in oral sex. All of this happened while Bill was between her legs eating her pussy.

After she came, it was Bill's turn. They switched places and he searched for something he'd like, while Melinda got to work sucking his cock.

"Find anything good?" she asked, in between sucking.

Something caught his eye. "I believe so. A lactating college girl in her dorm, while her roommate is out. Hmmm... There's a unique combination."

Part of the reason he clicked on that model was because, as a doctor, he did a lot of research in the field of lactation, creating new drugs to help nursing mothers. Also, the cam model was from the same state as them, Massachusetts. To his knowledge, there weren't a lot of adult performers in this area.

Bill just laid back and enjoyed the feeling of his wife sucking while he enjoyed the live show on the laptop

For the next few minutes, he carefully observed the cam model nursing from her own breasts, shooting milk into a cup, then pouring it on her breasts and pussy. Needless to say, it had a profound impact on him and he was close to his release.

Melinda sensed this and sucked and stroked faster.

Bill was suddenly struck by a powerful realization as he continued observing the cam model. The model's body looked all too familiar. So did the background dorm room, which actually looked like a real dorm, as opposed to a staged set which many performers use.

In fact, Bill was certain he had been to that dorm room just a few short months ago.

He was about to push his wife away, when suddenly she sucked and stroked furiously, making him cum. Bill gave up the fight and just enjoyed it, but at least he was able to peel his eyes away from the screen.

"What's gotten into you?" Melinda asked when the job was finished and she slurped everything up.

Bill spun the laptop around to show his wife.

"Look at the background," he said. "The dorm. Look at her body. She's also from this State. Seem familiar to you?"

Melinda's jaw dropped. "Oh... my... god..."


It was 10 pm by the time Tiffany finished her webcam show on her dorm room bed. This was a new venture she enjoyed exploring while her roommate was out. It gave her a thrill which couldn't be replicated anywhere else. And it also helped her explore her sexuality in ways she never thought possible, which as a young woman, was very important to her.

Tiffany dried her wet nipples along with the fluids between her thighs. Her roommate, who was out with an Advance Calculus study group, would be back soon, so she needed a quick shower.

After quickly rinsing and drying herself, she crashed in bed and checked her laptop again. As expected, there were plenty of accolades and extra tips from her adoring fans, who sent messages on her webcam account, as well as a gmail account she set up for this.

Her phone buzzed. It was her mother. Tiffany was surprised since she knew her parents usually went to bed early. She hoped it was nothing serious.

"Hey mom," Tiffany answered. "Everything okay?"

Mom paused awkwardly. "Everything is fine, dear. You're still up?"

"I could say the same about you. Yeah, I was just checking messages. And you? How come you're still awake?"

"Well, there's something we've been wondering," mom said after another strange pause. "When you came home three weeks ago, did you... look through your father's things?"

"What are you talking about?"

"In his home office, I mean. Did you happen to browse or inspect any of your father's material? I know you're impressed by his work and your father has always been very proud to show you his research items."

Tiffany knew right away what her mother was talking about. There were tons of different experimental medications stored in dad's home office. Unless dad personally counted them, how would anyone know that a few were missing? Tiffany wondered.

"What are you trying to say?" she replied coyly.

"Maybe this is just a misunderstanding," mom replied. "At least I hope it is. What's your schedule tomorrow? Are you busy all day?"

"I only have classes in the morning, so I'm free in the afternoon and night."

"Do you think you can make the two-hour drive and come home? I'll pay for gas and I'll be sure to cook all your favorites."

"Sure thing," Tiffany answered. "I can be there by lunch."

"Great. We can talk privately while your father is at work. Then you can head back to your dorm afterwards with plenty of food."

"That sounds good. I can taste it already."

They said their goodnights, and after hanging up, Tiffany wondered what mom had in store for her. Could mom really have found out? Or was this some all some sort of mixup, and her webcam secret was still safe?


Melinda cooked several servings of chicken parmesan and other delicious entrees. She had butterflies in her stomach all morning, wondering how on earth she was going to approach this delicate subject, which no mother should ever have to discuss with her daughter (at least in her world).

It was 11:43 a.m. when she got a text from her daughter that she had arrived and had just parked in the driveway. Melinda opened the front door and they gave each other a customary big hug. It had been three weeks since they had last seen each other, and to Melinda, that felt like forever.

They made small talk and sat by the dining table next to each other before lunch would be served.

"I'm sure you're wondering what this is about," Melinda said. "It's the only time I've ever asked you to come home so abruptly."

Tiffany sighed. "I confess. The last time I was here, I did look through dad's things. But that's because he loves showing me and I love learning. And I did have a look at his stuff when he wasn't around."

"Oh really."

"Yes, really. I want to be every bit as smart as he is. I want to be one of the top female researches in the country someday. But if you're implying that I stole dad's research and passed it along, then that's not true. I would never ever betray dad like that, if that's what this is about."

"Tiff, I'm not suggesting that your father's research was stolen," Melinda said.

"No? Then what's this about?"

Melinda gulped. "This is painful for me to ask, but did you take any of your father's medication?"

"Why would I take dad's medication? That doesn't make sense."

"Let me clarify," Melinda gulped harder. "Did you take any of your father's research mediation. The one which induces breast milk, sitting in your father's home office. Have you ingested any of that?"

When Tiffany was completely flabbergasted, Melinda immediately knew it was true. She knew her daughter all to well. And there was no denying this.

"I... I..." Tiffany stammered.

Melinda touched her daughter's shoulder. "You don't have to say it. Actually, I understand. You're a smart girl and you possess your father's intellectual curiosity."

"So you're not mad?"

"That you secretly took your father's medication?" Melinda asked rhetorically. "No, I'm not mad that you did that. I understand. But there is something else on my mind."

"Tell me."

Melinda tensed. "This is difficult for me to say."

"I drove two hours to be here," Tiffany pointed out. "We might as well get this over with."

"Fine. Do you perform on a webcam?"

Melinda looked her daughter straight in the eyes and saw nothing but shock in return. The truth was, they were both equally mortified by having this conversation. But it had to be done. As a loving mother, Melinda had no other choice but to confront this head on.

"How did you know?" Tiffany asked with a deflated tone, making no effort to deny this.

"That's not important, Tiff. The important thing is, what on earth are you thinking? This isn't how we raised you. You're smart, talented, and very attractive. There's no reason you should--"

"Mom I..."

"Don't cut me off," Melinda re-asserted herself. "This is important. You're an amazing young woman and you have the whole world ahead of you. Have you officially lost your mind? This could be uploaded to the internet or some popular porn site, and it would be there forever. You could be recognized someday when you have a career."

Tiffany's natural reaction was to just break down and cry. And she was well on the verge of doing so.


Tiffany sharpened her eyes instead of shedding tears. "I never showed my face. And last night you called me right after I logged off. When you called me yesterday, you weren't entirely sure that I had taken dad's research drugs."

"What's your point exactly?"

"You watched me." Tiffany's lips formed a mildly-deviant smile. "That's how you knew about this. You saw my cam show and somehow recognized that it was me."

Melinda threw her hands up. "Oh my god. Is this really the main issue?"

"Mom, trust me, I'm extremely protective and careful with my identity. No one will ever know it's me. Except for you. And the only reason you recognized me is because you know how my body looks and you've actually been to my dorm room."

"Along with the breast milk," Melinda reluctantly pointed out. "That's how we initially caught on."

"We? Meaning, you and dad watched me?"

"Okay, Tiff, you're the one on trial here. Not me, and certainly not your father. The only person who should be interrogated here is you, and you alone."

"But why?" Tiffany asked. "You and dad watch porn late at night, apparently. Yet I'm the one who's getting scolded? Face it, you and dad are porn lovers."

"That's different."

"How? Sex and porn aren't bad things."

Melinda sighed. "You're our daughter."

"Look, mom, no one will ever find out that it's me. I'm extremely careful."

"Are you saying you actually want to continue this?" Melinda asked incredulously.

"It's my body, my choice."


"Let me put it like this; why were you and dad watching the webcam site last night?"

"That's none of your business," Melinda shot back.

"I'll answer that for you. You were both horny and wanted to watch porn. I get that it can be embarrassing, but human sexuality is normal and a part of life. Don't be ashamed of it, even with me. Trust me, I get emails from couples all the time who tell me how much I've 'assisted' their love lives."

"Oh god."

Tiffany touched her mother's hand. "Please don't be mad. I'm not trying to be a rebel or anything."

"Then why do it? Why?"

"Honestly, you'll never understand. Unless..."

There was a gleam in Tiffany's eyes and Melinda knew that mischievous look all too well.

"Oh no," Melinda said, shaking her head. "No. Tiff, no."

"Does dad also know it was me on cam?"

"He was the one who recognized you first. The breast milk part intrigued him, then he noticed the background items in your dorm room. We thought it was best if I was the one that confronted you."

Tiffany gave a sly smile. "Instead of confronting me, join me."

"You are officially insane. Do you realize that?"

"Mom, when it comes down to it, we both enjoy porn. It's as simple as that."

"No it's not."

"No?" Tiffany questioned. "When you and dad watched me, what were you two doing?"

"Tiff, that's none of your business. I refuse to dignify that with an answer."

"I thought we were having an honest conversation? Tell me, mom, what were you and dad doing?"

Melinda sighed harshly. "Laptop in bed."

"Oh?" Tiffany said with an eyebrow raised. "Do either of you have an account? Or do you just browse for free?"

"We use the same account."

"Who's normally in charge?"

"We take turns," Melinda hesitantly admitted. "It was your father's turn to browse, and he showed me afterwards, but much too late."

"What does that mean...." Tiffany stopped dead in her tracks. "Oh wow. Okay. I get it. Nice work, mom. You were going down on dad while he watched me on cam, not knowing it was me."

"I need a full glass of wine after this conversation is over."

"No, what you need is more excitement in your life. Join me. I'm serious. It's easy to register as a cam model. No one will ever know. You don't have to show your face."

Melinda ran her fingers through her hair. "I can't believe we're talking about this."

"It's a recommendation. If you and dad are looking at cam sites, it's because you're missing something in the bedroom, or you want to enhance it. Either way, it's a great thing. You and dad have been together for so long and this will be something exciting. And you'll understand why I do it."

"Look, we'll forget this conversation ever happened. I won't ask you why you do this. And you can stop asking me to join. Deal?"


"And please, I beg you, don't get caught. Don't let your identity ever leak online. Above all else, don't do anything crazy that would potentially put you in harm's way."

Tiffany rubbed her mom's shoulder. "I swear. Believe me, I'm extremely careful and my safety is the highest priority."

"Smart girl," Melinda replied, breathing a small sigh of relief. "I don't approve of this, but you're an adult now, and I have to respect your wishes since you're at least exercising safety."

"One last thing."


Tiffany flashed a shy expression. "Since I'm here, do you think I can grab more of dad's experimental drugs? The lactation thing is a huge hit with my followers."

"Oh goodness," Melinda sighed.


It was two nights later when Tiffany had a chance to perform on cam again. She performed around 9 p.m. and did her normal routine of breast milk and masturbation.

Thanks to a refill of her father's experimental medication, she had more than enough milk to entertain her loyal audience.

As she milked her pert breasts into a glass cup, she noticed something in her chat listing which instantly grabbed her attention and caused her adrenaline to rush.


It was the account of her parents, surely? It must have been. Tiffany broke her routine by sitting there naked, just staring at the screen. She wanted to see if that account would eventually log out, but it never did, even as she sat there for more than a minute doing nothing.

Thoughts rushed through her mind. Was one of her parents watching? Or both? Was this just to check up on her? Or were they aroused? Could they possibly be getting off on this?

Her pussy surprisingly moistened at the last thought. She pictured her parents giving each other oral favors, or God knows what, while watching. Maybe they were just laying in bed together, side by side, holding hands, watching their daughter perform naked on webcam.

Tiffany's heart pounded.

She wondered what she should do next? Should she send a private message and ask? End the show early? Or...

The third option. Both of her breasts had been adequately milked at that point, but she gave each nipple an extra squeeze, bringing her boobs and pink nipples closer to the cam to give the viewers a good look.

Positives comments and tips kept on coming in. And still, Tiffany noticed that her parents were still in the room, viewing her. The deviant thought made her smile, though no one watching the cam could see that.

Next came the final part of her show, which she was now extremely eager to get to. She leaned back on the bed and spread her legs so that the audience could get a good look at her pussy. She pulled her laptop closer in between her legs.

Then, with a bath towel spread on her bed, with plastic underneath, she poured the breast milk slowly across her pussy. She rubbed her clit while she did it.

Her eyes stayed glued to the screen. Enthusiastic comments and tips came pouring in. Her parents were still in the room.

She rubbed her clit with the same technique as always, but with far more intensity. Making herself cum was easy, slowly pouring more of her own milk on her pussy, while furiously rubbing her clit.

Her orgasm came within a matter of minutes. All while her eyes were glued to the chat log, hoping and praying that her parents stayed. And they did.

Reaching climax was so much easier this time compared to the usual sessions. Normally, this voyeuristic act of exposing herself to several hundred people pushed her to cum within a few minutes.

Now, with her parents watching, she might have set a new record for herself, for the fastest time to reach a powerful orgasm. She squirted too, and was thankful that her new laptop was water resistant (or in this case, milk and orgasm resistant).

After she came, she just laid back on her bed, enjoying the intense feeling. A part of her was worried that the audience would be mad for the shorter show. But when she checked the screen, she saw the jubilation. Her viewers were delighted by the intensity of what they saw.

More importantly, her parents were still viewing.

She couldn't resist typing a subtle comment:

thanks to all my viewers. my special guests too! : )

Once she typed that, she saw that her parents had logged out. Tiffany smiled to herself, wondering what they were thinking. She thanked her audience and wished them all a good night.

Tiffany laid in bed for a moment, still naked with her mind and body reeling. She wiped her hands on the towel and reached for her phone. She couldn't help herself yet again and sent a text message to her mom:

Who's idea? Yours or dad's?

The moment she sent that text, she regretted it. But that changed a minute later when her mom called.

They made small talk like usual, and Tiffany wondered if this had all been a mistake since her mom hadn't mentioned anything. Until...

"It was actually your father's idea," her mother admitted.

"Really? I wouldn't have guessed."

"Yes, well, he said he wanted to watch under the guise of knowing how the drug is working on you. He'll always be a researcher at heart."

"But?" Tiffany pried

"What? You want more information?"

"Why not? I've already revealed all of me."

Mom chuckled. "Literally, almost. Let's just say that your father is in bed right now half-asleep over what I did to him."

"Did you suck dad off again while he watched me?"


Even in this post-orgasmic state, that admission was still enough to make Tiffany's pussy twitch.

"Why did you call me?" Tiffany asked. "I'm just curious. You usually text me after I text you first."

"I don't know. I suppose I wanted to hear your voice. And maybe, a small part of me wanted to thank you. So, thank you Tiff."

"For what?"

"Like I said. Your father is upstairs in bed, completely spent."

Tiffany's face lit up. "Oh. That show must have done a real number on him."

"Trust me, it did. My mouth bore the brunt of it."

They both laughed.

"Was it awkward at all?" Tiffany asked. "You know, both of you seeing me like that. My breasts. And... the rest down below."

There was a pause in her mother's voice. "It was. Extremely. More than you'll ever know. But that's what made it so intense for us. Me included. I won't lie about that. A part of me was rather intrigued."

"I want to sleep over Saturday night."

"Sounds like there's something on your mind."

"A plan," Tiffany said.

"Are you sure?"

Tiffany couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth. It was like she was a college girl possessed to say the most deviant things. Neither of them could believe it. And neither of them could believe that this plan could possibly become a reality.


Melinda had come to realize that she was crazy for agreeing to this. Nonetheless, as a grown woman, she was entitled to indulging her curiosities and longings every so often (no matter how deviant).

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