As the orgasm took hold, a thought popped into her head that if her life had to be about humiliation and self-degradation it could be a lot worse. As she recovered, she felt disgusted with herself that she had that thought. Was it only two weeks ago she was still a virgin and had barely ever masturbated before? Now here she was trying to fit a baseball bat into her vagina in front of people. None of this could actually be happening could it? Surely any minute she would wake up in a cold sweat and breathe a sigh of relief as she realised it was all just a dream?

Imagining herself as a porn star helped her enjoy her webcam session more than usual but afterwards she felt slightly depressed as she realised she was starting to forget who she was. The edge between the real Casey and porn star Casey was starting to blur. Real Casey used to protest loudly in the forefront of her mind, shouting at her that being naked was shameful and having orgasms in front of people was wrong. Now she just seemed to passively lurk in the background just enough to remind her that she was still there and make her feel guilty and constantly ashamed. Could she ever forget that girl? Did she want to? It would make sense to forget her. Her life was mapped out now and there seemed little possibility it would ever be different, but maybe it wasn't that simple? Maybe there was always hope? Maybe forgetting who she used to be would be disingenuous and would only work for so long before she had some kind of break down? The trick might be to talk her around into evolving into something new. The registered nudist porn star Casey blended with the real Casey, but without any of the guilt or shame. But how?